October 08, 2008

Smiley to go

Smiley to go
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what a nice way to start a Tuesday morning.

now and then

A lot of people have been asking me lately, how I could dye my hair red? Well, I just did.... almost 6 yrs. ago.

It started out with a bet between my friends and me. Once again, I started it, saying I would like to dye my hair bright red, which they thought I´d never really would do. I did. It was actually pretty cool. The amazing thing was, that having a crazy hair color like this, I met a whole bunch of different, fun people. Also "crazy" ones! ;-) And let me tell you, people DO judge you by the cover. Back then I was still a college student.... a Business Major... but not so pretty serious as everyone else. A lot of professors reacted pretty strange, they just thought I cannot be serious, what will everyone think? OMG!! Others were pretty cool about it, it just doesn´t matter how you look like to be taken seriously, at least not because of your hair color. During that period of time I still wokrd part-time in the Kids dept. at H&M. Mothers didn´t quite approve, but H&M stans for fashion and personality, so they were just looking a bit strange. The kids were like "Oh i love your hair" or some whispering to their mothers "mom, she has red hair!" Typically kids! Nevertheless, I also got the job in the HR recruting dept. at H&M and I applied with my "old" hair style... long brown hair. They were quite surprised to see me change so much, they thought oh there applies the nice girl next door, but then there came the crazy one - still nice though! :-)

The most absurd incident I had during that time was while traveling to the USA. I actually got searched at Heathrow Airport in London before boarding the plane to San Francisco. And nobody can tell me that was just a random search!! I even had to change my picture in the passport because they wouldn´t let me enter the US otherwise. Seriously. At US customs, the officer saved my passport ofr last and said to me sarcastically "well well, you better look the exact same in your passport picture....."! Preparation is everything! ;-)

Why did I stop dying my hair that way? Besides having to belach it almost white before being able to put the red color on it, the color washed out quite fast and orange was not my cup of tea! But after a girl in Las Vegas was asking her friend, if she also thought I looked like Kelly Osbourne... I was like, ok that is it... I do not want to even look or pretend to look like her! After that I dyed my hair black with red streaks in it, after that I tried out purple and turquoise... now it´s been dark chocolate for years... pretty boring... but I think I am too old for that craziness.... seriously.

my point of view - Lyttelton, NZ

This is what they made out of my vacation shot in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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