October 28, 2012

temple town

Two weeks ago my lovely sis visited me for a little while in Tokyo. While she was here we took the Shinkansen to Kyoto for the weekend. Kyoto is Japan´s most popular tourist destination with its hundreds of temples and shrines, also a well preserved historic district to wander around in. Kyoto is also the town famous for Geisha, or Geiko. We didn´t spot any while we were there though. Although Kyoto, like any place in Japan really, is crowded with tourists, it was such a nice city break from buzzing Tokyo. We spent two days there and walked our feet off. We had superb summer weather really and it was lovely.

We stayed at a traditional Japanese Ryokan for the night. How lovely! Dinner was served in the room on a small table set on the floor and it was soo much food, local specialities, as every prefecture in Japan has its own food style, basically. So good. Lots of tofu, sashimi and vegetables. Nom nom. We slept on futon beds and rice pillows on the floor, as you do here. Brekky was also served in our room, and it was traditional Japanese as well. I must admit, I am such a porridge w fruit morning person, but as we knew what was coming, it was quite good to have salmon with hot green roasted tea first thing, along with some tofu soup and rice.

The most impressive sight was of course the Golden Pavilion Temple in the North of Kyoto. It is build on wooden poles above the small pond and it looks like it´s floating above the water. The two upper floors of the wooden temple are covered in golden leaf, so it is a spectacular sight when the sun shines on its walls. Truly amazing. The sun only came out for a little while, when we were there, but it is magical. Although as all tourist sights in Kyoto, this was as well crowded with people, it was nevertheless a quite calm and sort of spiritual place, as all temples and shrines are really.

October 03, 2012

an evening stroll

Instead of taking the bus home from the Shibuya the other day, I decided to walk home. 1 hour and a few photos later. I shouldn´t have worn my thongs though. My feet are killing me now. 

Here´s from Shibuya to Azabu-juban: