March 21, 2012

morning ritual reloaded

Being intolerant to wheat and some other things, I basically have to come up with pretty creative ideas sometimes. Wheat I would say is the hardest to give up, especially with all the beautiful German breads out there. A quick  sandwich on the go or for lunch is rather impossible. Spelt bread works sometimes fortunately. Strangely enough, when I am at home I can eat any bread, and I am talking proper bread with seeds and a crust, not toast - mistaken for bread in some countries, says me. 

I am the oats porridge lover of all times. Seriously. Every morning for years and years with mixed berries ... delish ... and as I am also highly intolerant to raspberries, scratch that off the shopping list as well. Although, funnily enough, I still tend to go to get fresh raspberries, but catch myself short.

So, instead of the good old oats porridge I switched to wheat free muesli and wheat free oats, but also try  new things. Amazing how many oat, grain variations are out there. Heaven. 

New obsession is muesli with berries, chia seeds and flaxseeds plus a little cheeky honey sometimes. 

I stumbled upon this little beauty the other day. Definitely going to try that one on the weekend. 

Cracked farro porridge with strawberries. Bliss. 

RECIPE via here

Farro Porridge with Farm Berries and Walnuts
vegan, serves 3-4

basic porridge:

1 cup cracked farro
3 cups water
a few pinches salt

2+ Tbsp maple syrup
1/2 cup soy creamer (for pouring over top as desired)
1 cup sliced farmer's market organic berries
1/2 cup crushed raw walnuts
other: additional berried, dried fruits, spices like cinnamon, vanilla..

To Make:

1. Add farro to dry soup pot - over high heat. Allow grains to toast in dry pan for about a minute. Tossing around a bit.
2. Add in water and salt.
3. bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for about 15 minutes. If you simmer covered with a lid be sure to monitor closely - as farro can bubble quite rapidly - spilling over the pot. NOTE: this method is for cracked farro. Whole grain farro will take longer to cook.
4. When farro has reached a cooked consistency, add ingredients like maple syrup and spices.
5. Serve in a bowl with soy milk or creamer poured over top - I like a nice amount to loosen the cooked farro.
6. Add berries and walnuts - and anything else. Serve!

March 19, 2012

this week I ...

tried to bring some color into the grey days

had a few  "british" moments on my to the office
- actually every time I pass this cafe

admired the blue skies during my lunch break

still in love with "strange tides" OPI nail polish and some glitter

finally jumped on the "MAD MEN" wagon... absolutely love it
adored our cute little backyard corner

tried coconut water just because... not impressed

March 12, 2012

My week on instagram

I already tried it in February, but got rather too busy to actually participate or the day was already over when I remembered to take the pic. So, another month another challenge... the instagram Photo a Day Challenge..... 

Every day has a different topic, take the pic of your interpretation of that theme, upload to instagram, tag with #marchphotoaday and share. 

March Photo a Day challenge
created by

Day 1 Up

Day 2 Fruit

Day 3 Neighbourhood

Day 4 Bedside
Day 5 Smile

Day 6 Window

Day 7 Red

Day 8 Loud 
.... to be continued