April 27, 2011

the giants of the sea

Traveling more than 2000km just to swim with some fish? Oh yeah. Swimming with the world's biggest fish that is. And it was sooo worth it.

Swiming with thos gentle giant fish was truly amazing. They really glide through the sea with their fish accompanying them on their journey. Even as it is a bit scary to jump into the water without really knowing   where the shark is. Well, the spotter's raised arm is an indication from where the shark is approaching and where it's headed, but as it all goes soo fast, go go go, and snorkel, mask, waves, excitment and all... it was very crazy and whoa whoa when the fish suddenly emerges from the deep sea. They swim so close to the surface that we actually spotted the first shark from the boat. But this 4-5m male wasn't too amused to have some snorekelers with him and just played around and dove down, so we couldn't see it anymore. Nevertheless it suddenly re-appeared while we were all treading water for the boat to pick us up. Cheeky one, as it couldn't be bothered with us after another two minutes again.

The second shark we spotted that morning was very much calmer and more laid back... just cruising along. Perfect for us to swim with it. Stunning fish and a truly once in a lifetime experience I can recommend to anyone.

And we are still talking about it.