December 15, 2010

kia ora to the land of the long white cloud - the remake

Two years later and here I am New Zealand-bound again. This time for a whole month and North Island only. And this times, it's gonna be even more amazing. 

Chat soon, lovelies! 


December 13, 2010

the sky on fire

waiting for the 96 tram on Bourke St. with an amzing intense colorful sunset over Melbourne

December 09, 2010

ode to green refectory

Fastly becoming one of our favorite Melbourne brekky places, we have been quiet regulars at the green refectory. Stumbling in there by accident walking down Sydney Road, Brunswick, thus this little joint doesn't even have street signage. 

Having an all-day brekkie, delicious salds, amazing apple-rhubarb pie and great coffee, the green is always bustling with people from the neighbourhood throughout the day, making it a fab crowd watching place as well. 

Our favorite is their 'brekkie stack', a potato fritter topped with grilled tomatoes, basil, bacon, grilled haloumi, spinach, housemade relish and a poached egg. yum yum. 

impressive salad selection right there

the brekkie stack

December 03, 2010