September 15, 2011

London calling ....

Seriously, why London of all places? That's what echos back at me most of the time, after I tell people, where I'm headed.

The reason it pretty simple as not really explainable, really. As it happens, I tend to love places at first sight and yes, I also do love living there. I don't know, some places, well, cities just have it and some just don't appeal to me, not that I have been to all of them. I think, it's probably a gut feeling really. Maybe like it is with people.

But like, I went to Hamburg for a long weekend years ago and yep, I lived there for over 7 years and loved it. Same with Australia, seen, it loved it. Miss it heaps.

Visiting London, while my sister lived here a few years, seemed like a nice place to live and work. So, here I am. And I like it, not that I have started working or anything yet.

Let's see what happens....

September 14, 2011

reality bites'n pieces

I know, I've been pretty slack with this, as I returned home for a short time. It was pretty busy the last few weeks, travelling around Germany to catch up with friends and family. What it was like to be back home again?

At first it was fantastic, although I kind of felt like being thrown into a strange blur - if that makes any sense at all. Well, it's like you know the people and places, but you yourself feel sorta out of place. Coming from SE Asia to Germany was really a total different world. Hurray, for scolding hot strong showers, proper plumbing and all the other nice things, but hey, the food and the cold! Really? Got adjusted after a while, enjoying some proper bread and strong beer.

And then there was the language. Suddenly you are in Germany and EVERYONE speaks German. You understand what they are saying, obviously, but it doesn't quite get into your language center, at least when it comes to the replying in spoken words part. I just stood there and starred at the talking end of the conversation for a few seconds, until I could mutter a proper word. Talking to familiar people was not problem at all, but to strangers in formal situations, like at the shops... I drew a blank during my first few days. Then you feel really stupid afterwards, because you seem like an idiot. And how rude are people here anyways?! No one bothers with an "excuse me" but rather push past you silently. I got used to after a few days again.

Well, they say nothing has changed at all and the truth is, it hasn't really. Which is as good a thing, as it is a boring. Being away for over 2,5 years having the best and worst time, seeing and experiencing amazing things and meeting heaps of different people, my life definitely changed. The only drastic thing that changed within my circle of friends was that while I was hopping around on the other side of the world, sharing rooms with fellow travelers and living off a tight budget, a few of my friends got married and had babies. So, there I was meeting their toddlers, while last time we went out for a few drinks. Crazy. I'm so happy for them though.

The best thing about nothing changed, is catching up with old friends and just hitting it off, like it's been five minutes we last saw each other rather than over 2 years. That's the best part. The strange part for me is though, that now my time away seems pretty surreal. Got the photos to proof otherwise, but still, have I really been there and done that. Sure did, might take a while to fully sink it, I hope.

Sure, it was really great seeing my friends and family, but as I was not really settling into life back home, I kinda felt like hanging midair. I didn't have a flat to return to, nor did I have a job. Nevertheless I was and am pretty sure that if I would have had to begin again where I was before I left, wouldn't have been my thing at all. It's like nothing has happened in between, for me, at least.

Yay, lots of time on my hands to just hang out and visit friends. Let me tell you, time just flew past and now, I'm here again, starting from address, new bank account, new mobile number, new people and new job. I'm really looking forward to it.

A new challenge awaits and I'm so glad it does. Only this time, it's not on the other side of the world, rather just across the English Channel. I really do miss Australia though, and one day, I'll be back again.

One day.....