November 28, 2008

mrs brightside

Hamburg in November is grey, foggy, rainy, dark days until March. So why not color up a bit to make it through the day. Nevertheless, this is one of the most colorfull outfits I wear... maybe have ever worn in a long time. I am more the dark color kind of girl! ;-) But I love my red coat!

And the neatest thing is, that the "belt" with the butterflies is actually a kidney warming thingy, but a real cute one. My colleague lent it to me since I need to be extra cautious due to my recent  illness. At least I can stay healthy in style! The butterflies actually inspired me for this red-purple outfit today. mmhhh.. what will I wear tomorrow?!

coat: H&M Trend
hat: H&M Divided
scarf: American Apparel
shirt: H&M Trend
skirt: Urban Outfitters
belt: handmade
boots: Vagabund

November 20, 2008


Photos by: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

This is THE man... let me tell you, and I don´t want to hear all this silly stuff. You have to admit it... HE just is hot. Sometimes he dresses a bit too girly, but he can pull it off. Seriously. And the british accents just tops it all! Seriously.

Actually, I just read about the recent exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney and saw a so called Textportrait of Ralp Ueltzhoeffer shwoing Barack Obama. So I went to the photgrapher´s site and fell upon the above portraits. Now you tell me, would you have prefered Obama now would you? Guess not!

November 16, 2008

the movie

This is a movie I desperately want to go see. Unfortunately the release date for DE is still not decided. Well, then I have to put up with the book first. I love those kind of stories. -)

November 10, 2008

Sunny day

Hanging out in central park taking in some sun before heading to the airport! It's been a great few days here!

November 01, 2008

vote guys!

It´s really good, but has its lengths. Borat is the BEST! :-)
So, for all you guys in the US... go and vote!