June 23, 2008


... the longest day of the year! Being up in the north of Germany obviously closer to the Scandinavia, where it never gets dark during summertime, it stays light outside for a pretty long time. Longer than I am used to having grown up in the South!

I just came back home from the Schanze having watched the first half of the footballgame Spain vs. Italy, and I got inspired by the beautiful sky. It´s 10:30 pm right now and it´s just after sunset. The sky was pink and bright blue... really beautiful. Just on the edge of turning dark blue. Unfortunately I didn´t have my mobile with me to capture the scenery, so I took a picture from the balvony of my flat. Not a bright shot, but it gets the message across I guess. It doesn´t feel like nighttime at all, it´s more like early evening. I love this time of the day, just on the edge of night. You can still sit outside - if it´s warm enough - and have a few drinks with friends or take a walk through the neighbourhood. Also, when you come home at like 4 am from a great party and you can hear the birds already warming up in the trees. Nature awakes and you are soo sleepy from a night out dancing and having fun! From dusk to dawn. At that time of the day, you feel like everything is possible. You are capable of anything. :-)

Today was really hot and humid, so when in the afternoon the thunderstrom with heavy rain broke loose it was like a relief. It wasn´t though the air smelled of rain. I love that. There is nothing like the smell of summer rain. It´s almost on the same level as freshly mowed grass, always sets free childhood memories. Excpet that this time you weren´t the one mowing the grass! :-)

Oh, now Spain and Italy are in overtime..... need to get back to the game. I am not THAT multitasking, I must say.

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