August 21, 2008

donuts meets cheesburger

I haven´t actually found the time to blog in the past few weeks. But scrolling through Google-Reader tonight, I stumbled upon this totally ... well, weird picture posted in Bryanboy´s blog. First, I was like, what the ... is that? Then I read the copytext saying it´s supposed to be Krispykreme donut-cheeseburgers ... ähm, who in the world is actually eating this. First of all, Krispykreme are donuts. *fullstop* And nothing else. To me at least. To Google´s NYC kantine obviously not. Are they actually serving this "thing"? Seriously? Who would want to eat this? May one have it also without the glace? ... bbbäähhh!!

Eating likes and dislikes vary from country to country, but I cannot imagine anyone actually ordering and enjoying this one!! Some of my friends think my eating habits are sometimes strange, which are pretty normal in my opinion. ;-) Ok, I like fried tomatoes, beans on toast and potato chips in my sandwich ... but that´s still harmless! People here are enjoying sweet popcorn that is my definite no go, who puts sugar over popcorn?!

Nevertheless, as weird as Americans might sometimes combine their food - I must say, but this donut-bacon-burger-thingy is out of my imagination. And as the blogger already writes "Can somebody explain this to me???!!!"

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