May 25, 2008

alster abend - beautiful hamburg

This is why I really love living here in Hamburg. The water! Me being a mountain girl, having grown up in Southern Germany, I am soo used to hils and mountains, that living so close to the sea, a city with a huge harbour, ships and a big lake in the city center, is really great and totally different.

Friday evening we went to the Alster for an after work BBQ. It was really fun, unfortunately it wasn´t that warm and we didn´t bring any torches. But we have been pretty organised this time, everyone brought something to eat, blankets and we even had speakers for our ipods. Talk about spontaneous actions - we really learned from two weeks ago. ;-) We had so much food we could have fed the whole picnic area. But the others were also pretty packed with food.

This is the coolest thing about Hamburg, you can have a BBQ like almost everywhere. It´s not really clear if it´s legal, but everyone does it and nobody says anything. So you see like smoke rising from every green area around the Alster, along the Elbe and of course in the the Stadtpark. Somtimes it gets quite annoying, while trying to jog by... you feel like you just ran through BBQ-grill afterwards.

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