May 26, 2010

Oh boy

This looks rad.... BOY the film by Taika Waititi...

Thanks to the latest tweet by frankie magazine I discovered this new NZ film. The trailer looks very worth watching it. The film is a coming-of-age comedy set in the '80s, East Coast, New Zealand.

the story

Boy is obsessed with Michael Jackson - in particular, his dance moves - and his little brother Rocky possibly possesses 'powers'. The pair are trying to find their potential (and the meaning of the word "potential") while living in the shadow of their larger-than-life dad, Alamein.

In Boy's eyes, his dad is a hero: a deep-sea diver, war veteran, rugby captain and close relation of Michael Jackson. But in reality Alamein is doing seven years in jail and is a member of the three-man Crazy Horses gang. Now out of the can, Dad returns home and Boy is confronted with the man he thought he remembered.

the trailer

love the website very much....

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