September 15, 2011

London calling ....

Seriously, why London of all places? That's what echos back at me most of the time, after I tell people, where I'm headed.

The reason it pretty simple as not really explainable, really. As it happens, I tend to love places at first sight and yes, I also do love living there. I don't know, some places, well, cities just have it and some just don't appeal to me, not that I have been to all of them. I think, it's probably a gut feeling really. Maybe like it is with people.

But like, I went to Hamburg for a long weekend years ago and yep, I lived there for over 7 years and loved it. Same with Australia, seen, it loved it. Miss it heaps.

Visiting London, while my sister lived here a few years, seemed like a nice place to live and work. So, here I am. And I like it, not that I have started working or anything yet.

Let's see what happens....

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