March 29, 2009

moving out

Yesterday my flatmate moved in her stuff. My stuff is already packed up in a few boxes.
My drawers, shelves, closests and empty my backpack is eagerliy waiting to be stuffed and on we go. I feels a bit strange living in your place still, but it feels more and more like a hotel apartement. And I am sleeping now surounded by boxes... they make funny little creeping noises... like there is someone little living in there.

I gave most of my clothes, accesorizes, shoes and purses - and I have a LOT - away to charity since most of them are almost new. Since I cannot take all my stuff with me down under... I amm left with the tough decision what to take and what to leave behind.

Three more days in Hamburg.... and there´s Happy hiding for days in the curtains, getting really stressed out with all this moving out, moving in, boxes and weird stuff going on around her little space... Happy is not really feeling its name, hiding beneath the curtains and watching everything very closely. And basically being pissed. Three more days and she´ll be in a box as well, going with me to Munich.

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