March 08, 2009

the world´s biggest concerthall

On March 2nd the wolrd´s biggest concert took place in Hamburg - throughout the whole city to be honest. 100 musicians of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orechestra were spread out in over 50 different places throughout the city, in offices, private apartements and on public sites, to perform "2. Symphony" by Johannes Brahms.

The concert was directed by Simone Young, standing on the top of the Michel tower. The violins were set up in the old Elbtunnel and a the dock in the harbour, the violincellis in front of City Hall, the drums were playing on the tennis court and the trumpets were placed in the entrace of the Schlump tube station. They all could see the director on tv screens.

Unfortunately around 10.000 people were watching the event, nevertheless it was a new world record.

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