April 16, 2009

konichiwa tokyo

ths is my second day in tokio. this is an awesome city. I love it. This is gonna be really short since I am currently in the local apple store since my own macbook is low on battery and i don't have an adapter for japan. also very unfortunate is that here they also use a different mobile network than anywhere else in the world, so i am with no internet and no mobile - completely lost in the real world!

what I ve done so far. I had to kill a lot of time after arriving here in the morning, because check in wasn t until 4pm- dead tired and exhausted from the long flight - but hey, lucky me on my flights east - i got two seats for myself again. yeah! at least it was a bit comfy. my hostel sits in asakusa right next to the temple senji, which i visited yesterday afternoon. it really is amazing. unfortunately they are renovating part of it, so it s a lot of scaffolding going on. i took the chance and draw myself my jap. fortune out of one of the zillion little drawers. no need to explain that it took me like forever to match the japnese writing on the stick to the one on the drawers - and i chose the one spot with the least amount of drawers anyways! :-) hhmmm, my personal fortune.... it wasn t that superb, but as it says in the end everything will turn out to the good. wonder how long that will be, but let s be positive and believe, that my tying the fortunate thingy on the rack at the temple. I might choose another one before I leave, i guess.

so today after having slept about 12 hours last night, i took the water taxi to Odeiba to see the statue of liberty there, crazy ... why they built it like the orignial one, i cannot say since the signpost was in japanese only - as is most of the signs and stuff here. but I keep guessing and asking. so right now I am in ginza walking around here and later I might go to one of the parks to see the cherry blossoms which are still in full bloom. very nice.

that was it for today there is soo much more to talk about but i have to go now.

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