April 21, 2009

somebody switch on the light...

and then ... blinded by the light! Having landed this morning at 5:50am in Perth, Western Australia it still was pitchblack outside. But after being in customs, immigration and baggage claim for about two hours... no worries, mates... it was blinding outside. Sersiously, the light down here is way different than at home. It´s brighter! So, having arrived at my new home for the next few days I was so exhausted. This is a cute little place called the Witch´s Hat... and no wonder, it looks and feels like it. Pretty old building, but very neat. Since I couldn´t get into my dorm, I went to the CBD of Perth to run some errands already. So, now I am ready to go. New mobile number and postal address, to which mail will be shipped accross Oz. Then in the supermarket to buy the essentials for the next few days.... finally oats again! :-)
And right now I am in the TV room on my own laptop, with which I can log on to the local wireless here. Hurray! The others - mostly French again - are watching some stupid movie.

Now I have to decided what will I do next... or WHERE will I go next and when and .... decisions decisions.... let´s wait and see.

Oh, and some selected pics are already up loaded to facebook - some others will get the link via mail asap.

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