August 28, 2009

another day in paradise

After 7 weeks of squash picking in Ayr it was finally time to move on and open another chapter in my journey down under. HAving talked about spending our days after the hard work on Magnetic Island, just off Townsville, we headed over there to relax, rewind and recharge.

The first few days we spent at the beautiful, but very tranquilo YHA Bungalow Bay at Horseshoe Bay in the northern part of the island. We had a three bed hut to ourselves. First things first, so we walked the five minute path to the beach for some sunset barbie and recharged with some aussie beer! :-) The next days we spent sightseeing, speeding around the island in those little Mokes, they have for rent there, did The Forts Walk to spot some koalas snoozing in the trees. Cute little creatures they are. We sunbaked at Alma Bay, played frisbee and volleyball and visited the Koala Sanctuary on site. There I actually overcame my fear and disgust of snakes and brave me held one for like 1 min.! It was not too bad, but just thinking about it gives me still the chills. Cuddling the koala was much more fun, I have to admit.

At the end of the week we relocated to Base backpackers in Nelly Bay. known for its full moon partys and its location right next to the beach. That place was amazing, that was a glimpse in paradise. Stepping out of our little dorm, you had full view of the sea and palm trees. Brilliant. The days at Base we spent lying on the beach, snorkeling, reading and having some drinks at the open air bar at night. What a life!

After Magnetic Island we hopped on the bus to continue our journey south to Airlie Beach. There we went on a 3 day sailing trip to the Whitsundays. That was amazing. This is what picture postcardsare made of. Seriously. We spent the first night outside on deck, and let me tell you, that night was rather shaky and rough. But what don´t you do for the astonishing sunrise in the morning?! Exactly. During the day we cruised around the island and snorkeled on the reef. Saw some turtles, Maori sth. fish, Nemo´s cousins, parrot fish and many more. We even spotted two whales off shore. What amazing creatures! The snorkeling off Black Island was my personal favorite... the corals could be seen from above the boat since they were so close to the water edge. You just walked into the water and floated with the most colorful fish only inches below you. Some real cheeky fishes swam right to my goggles.... Awesome trip it was.

Images of the last two weeks are here and here

another day in paradise

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