September 04, 2009

Surfing Noosa

After an awesome week in Airlie Beach with a beautiful sailing trip and too much party we were heading further down the east coast to Noosa Heads. On the map it didn´t look that far, but underestimating that huge country, we surley had to spend 17 hours on the Greyhound bus. What a journey! And why doesn´t anyone tell the bus company that trashy comedys of the 90ies or cartoons are not the best way to entertain the passengers. Seriously.

Arriving in Noosa - a rather posh Australian holiday destination, we soon found out that there is quite lot to do during the day, but not really much going on during the night. It´s also still off season, so there aren´t a lot of people hanging around either.

We spent our days crusing around Noosa in our scooter. Checked out all the beaches and maybe there was a nice bar we missed during the day, but not really. Everything peaceful and quiet. So we spent the nights at the neat bar at our hostel, the beautiful and laid back Halse Lodge. The hostel is in an old Queenslander building on a hill overlooking the town. It has a surrounding verandah with sofas and comfy chairs, and a bar/bistro downstairs.

We did the beautiful coastal walk in the Noosa National Park, with amazing views out to sea. The walk takes you right along the coastal line and back through lush woods. Really pretty.

Last night we hung out at the bar and met some crazy locals, who took us out around town - hey, there are some nice bars here, not crowded but at least. So after a few drinks we all ended up in Noosa´s niteclube "rolling rock"... a tiny little place... but it has to be said, that it´s only good there, when you are drunk. Seriously. We had some fun and also got to know our security man at the hostel, doing his rounds during the night, while we sat at the verandah eating our "after midnight snack".... :-)

Today I braved the waves and took 2hrs of surfing lessons. Hey, after 5 months in Australia, it was about time, to get to know their national sport first hand. And I surely did. High surf, strong current, chilly water and big beginners board mad my day. Having fallen off a gazillion times, swallowed litres of salt water, being thrown up side down and who knows where... I finally got it and stood on the board... like for 5 seconds... what a thrill. It was wicked. Now I am ready for more surfing...

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