September 29, 2009

vegemite - the next generation

After over half a year in beloved down under I finally have to state my opinion about vegemite. Well, you either love it or hate it. The Aussies apparently love it for brekky and well, I guess on everything... I on the other hand, as much as I love tha Australian way of life... I don' t really like vegemite at all. It' s not tasty at all. Or who would put "Maggi" on your toast for brekky?! Exactly. I mostly use it for seasoning in asian style food or spread a tiny tiny bit on toast with cheddar cheese on top... rare occasion. Anyways, what brought that to my mind was, that a few months ago, the new vegemite was launched nationwide. This one was supposed to be better tasting and the lot, but it still hadn't had a name, so it was a call to all Aussies to name their all time fave bread spread. I totally forgot about it until I was reading last sundays' paper and there it was... a full page ad dedicated to the new name of vegemite.... I was stuned then chuckeled and well, still am not sure how this could have happened. What' s wrong mates? You are not serious with this, are you? Have a look and see for yourself, but keep in mind, it' s a bread spread after all. I am still a bit shocked how that could be pulled off. mmmhh... Sorry mates, one doesn' t put an i infront of vegemite ... never ever.

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