July 14, 2011

next stop... Thailand

After four weeks of travelling in Malaysia, a change of scenery was called for, so we flew up to Thailand, to travel around there for another month or so. First stop was Chiang Mai up in the north. After having spent the night at Kuala Lumpur airport because of the super early morning flight, we weren't really up to much on our first day there. Except for an excellent Pad Thai from the street stall for 30Bht.... nom nom.

Chiang Mai is known for its many many temples and old city centre. We ventured out and went up to the most important temple, Do Suthep. Brilliant. Not so charming was the ride up the slopy mountain road in a shared taxi aka in the back of a pick up truck. I always have to see where I am going when going uphill, otherwise I tend to feel rather sickly. After strolling around in this beautiful temple with its shining golden statues and breathing in lots of incense, we headed down to the city again.

Buddha statues at Do Suthep

Sunday markets and a tradtional Thai massage was called for. Felt so relaxed. So good. Browsing the market stalls and our first attempts at bargaining for some accessories and dresses was really fun. So much to see and look at.

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