June 28, 2011

Hong Kong reloaded

Three weeks travelling throughout Malaysia gave us a pretty good impression of the country and we have been to all the interesting [ at least for us personally - places, so we had a few days more to kill, so we decided to take a weekend trip to another Asian city. Let's go to Hong Kong. Yay.

I have already been there in 2008 and am a huge fan, so I was all for it. In Australia I roomed with a girl from HK for awhile, while I was up in Queensland fruit picking, so we were quite excited to have a local show us around. We ate Dim Sum and heaps of other chinese food. So good. And went shopping in crazy Monkok for some bargains.

Hong Kong Island
On Sunday we went out to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha statue and walk around the Po Lin Monastery. I am very fond of temples and I, curiously, love the smell of incenses. Seriously. And I really like the calm athmosphere at the temples. Soothing really. 

Big Buddha, Lantau Island
After Big Buddha we were heading to Tai O, the small fisherman's village on the other side of Lantau. Strolling around and eating something here and there. I thought, Tai O is really perfect for taking photos,  good opportunities all around.

Tai O, Lantau Island

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