September 30, 2012

last week ....

I was taking a walk around Ebisu and Daikanyama, a nice hip neighbourhood with a bit of a European street feel to it, lots of small French and Italian restaurants and nice little clothes shops, designer labels and vintage stores. It´s very close to Shibuya, but less the crowds. Very relaxing to walk around the streets. I spent hours at the T-Site, a complex housing a gallery, café, camera and bike shop and a dog salon, but the biggest store is the big bookstore Tsutaya, which is spread out and interlinks the three buildings. It´s really impressive, but the best thing is, that you can take your drinks from the downstrais starbucks and sit down to look through the books you brought to your table. It was rather crowded when I was there, so no free space, but still, browsing through the different book sections was nice, although most of the books are obviously in Japanese. I was astounded by the amount of international magazine´s they had, mostly the niche arty magazine´s. But they also had frankie magazine - luv! 

wall tattoo 

Denim store

Dog hook 

T-Site sculpture

Dog Hotel, Spa and Shop

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