September 09, 2012

my week in tokyo - a photo recap

This week.... I went on a big jet plane to go living and working in Tokyo, Japan for a few months. How exciting is that? yay.

Admired the taxi driver´s fancy uniform and look at the fancy seat covers. Class.

Had a warm welcome at the office.

Get used to working in crazy, buzzling Shibuya. The people, the music, the blinking lights... the excitement.

Was attending a fancy Japanese dinner with the most amazing food ever. So delish! And had coconut pudding with green tea jelly on top. The pic doesn´t do justice to the green the jelly was, it was more like a poisonous green in colour.

Just can´t get enough of "50% off after 5pm" sushi dinners! Nom nom.

Gazing at the skyline with Tokyo Tower from my balcony.

Stumbled upon this on my way to work. Ben unfortunately wasn´t working that day! ;-)

Came across amusing subway signage. LOL. And they do have women only rush hour carriages. I´m so glad for my 20 min Bus ride to work and not having to brave the enormous rush hour crazyness every morning. I will check it out once though. Just to tell the tale afterwards.

Had some excellent ramen in Harajuku yesterday with not so fancy ordering. Order at the machine, there is only one ramen to choose, but you can add onions, beef, noodle thickness as you like. And it was in English as well. yay. Then you enter and sit at a bar with little capsules with a little window in the front. The soup will be cooked freshly and handed to you through the window. And yes, real people do work there.

Et voilĂ . So good. 

More to come.

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