June 22, 2011

one day ....

I just read another fabulous novel, found on the bookshelf of a backpackers, looking already very worn. Already the back cover text caught my attention. It didn't say much, more or less just that the main characters met on one day in their life, part and what would you do if you knew what would happen on the same day in the future? I grabbed it and couldn't stop reading. The book is One Day by David Nicholls.

I loved it. Amazing story, first I thought it would be something like "Before sunrise", but quite the opposite. The book travles through both the main character's lives and revisits them on the same day, July 19th, throughout the years. Dexter and Emma. Emma and Dexter. Some days they spend together, some apart.

And now I just stumbled upon the trailer, so another book made into a blockbuster, starring Anne Hathaway - not sure about her for the leading role - and Jim Sturgess - suits him quite well, I reckon. Lets see how they turned that into a film.

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