June 22, 2011

the world's largest flower

After spending two weeks in Sarawak Borneo, we flew to Kuala Lumpur to start our journey through Peninsular Malaysia. On our last night in Kuching we went out with some local guys we met on our trip to Semban village. Dinner, karaoke and drinks turned into a looong night with us getting back to the hostel at around 2 am, where Chris, the hostel‘s chatty and real friendly owner, waited for us and well, we stayed up and chatted until our taxi to the airport picked us up at 4am. Needless to say, our all nighter followed us the next two days in KL. 
KL is not really worth mentioning, as I personally didn‘t really like it that much. Chinatown is quite buzzling and excting, and we stayed right next door, so that was quite handy for cheap food. The famous twin towers are quite impressive - true, but otherwise one shopping complex after the next. Asians are truly shoppacholic. Seriously. 

The following days we travelled up to the Cameron Highlands, for some jungle trekking and tea plantation gazing. We stayed in Tana Rata, the base for all the trekking tours in the highlands. We found a quite nice guesthouse and a really delicious Indian Malay Restaurant, where we eat everyday ... Thumbs up for roti canai. 
On day one we enjoyed a speacial treat.... a full body massage. Sooo good. The day after we went on a little trekking trip to see the world‘s largest flower - the rafflesia. Quite stunning that flower. Luckily the weather in the highlands is not as humid as in the rest of the country, therefore the flower doesn‘t smell that bad. The smell is that of rotten meat.  Yuck. 

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