March 29, 2008

blinded by the light

We have made it!!! WOO HOOO! We finally landed in Christchurch, NZ after 24 hrs of boring  and very turbulent flights. But honestly it wasn` t too bad, we had two seat each on all our flights, that was really comfz (well as comfy as you can get on a plane!!). After Singpore we lost all awareness of time, day or even which part of the world we are on right now. We just sat there on the smokers terrace with 37 C degrees outside! Yeah! We probably looked and walked around like drunk zombies, the ground was still moving! Arriving in Sydney, after flying directly over the Opera House and Harbour Bridge,
was like out of a movie scene - felt pretty unreal. After we saw some really hot surfer guys, it was like "Hello and welcome to Australia!" - we really like that! :-)  Oh, and guess what? While waiting like right next to the runway for our final and quick flight to NZ I saw the A380 rolling .. gliding to the gate ... wow, that was quite impressive it's like huge. 

Anyways, New Zealand greeted us well, with blue skies, 24 C and sunshine. hurray! Our shuttle driver from the airport was a race driver - he really was - and drove, well, raced us through the whole town to our hostel on the New Brighton beach. The country looks really amazing from the plane, green fields and champagne colored mountains that enter right into the ocean. 

Yesterday we already got a first glimpse of what it' s going to be like the next 4 weeks... we took a stroll on the beach, which is just around the corner of our hostel. It' s  already breathtaking... and we haven't started to see the really good stuff yet. I attach the pics we took yesterday at sun down, to give ya' ll some impressions. 

The people here are amazing ... they are soo nice.. and it/ s not that fake friendliness, it' s real. We already met some fisherman who actually caught a huge sting ray out of the ocean. We were like ... ja  ja, whatever, but then we actually saw it out of the water... wow, it was huge ... well, so much for us going swimming in there! the surfers obviously don/ t mind they were there the whole evening ...  :-) 

So, that is it for now ...we are off for drinks. ... after work ... well, welcome holidays drink.. :-) since we walked like all of Christchurch toady we really earned it, right? Christchurch is really pretty, a lot of green and a very small town and very british looking. But great outdoor bars and pubs .. :-) 

You all enjoy your day at work, while we are starting off our Friday night in NZ.

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