March 07, 2008

Kia ora!

New Zealand - a trip to the end of the world

Haere mai! Welcome! New Zealand has captured me since my 3 hrs stop over at Auckland Airport on my way to Sydney, Australia in 2005. That´s something - I´d say! So now after three years of waiting and saving up vacation days ... the day has finally come ... I will finally find out on my own what´s the fuss all about! Let´s have the time of our lives.... 

Start of travels: Mar 25, 2008

End of travels: Apr 22, 2008

The route is taking us from Christchurch via Lake Tekapo to Queenstown and further on to the marvellous Milford Sound. We´d have to do some backtracking since MS isn´t accessable directly, well, then we´d go to Te Anau as well. From there we´d go straight to the glaciers and then up the coast to Picton. From there the ferry to Wellingnton and to Rotorua. There is sooo much to see and do, I wonder if we´ll handle it in our time frame. On the North Island I´d like to see the glowworm caves ... did you know that one can do underground caving in NZ? That sounds pretty interesting. We´ll see! There´s sooo much to do .. and soo much on our lists... white water rafting whale watching, tramping, walking on the glacier, and dolphin encounter! 

My list of things to take grows daily... which reminds me to try on my windbreaker before going! Oh, and I need to pick up my new passort next week! 

That´s it for now... 

19 days left ...

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