March 31, 2008

nautre on extasy

We finally  moved on south bound. Unfortunately there is no
quick internet access at all, so we cannot post into the blog as freqeutently as we' d like. Over all we can say we LOVE this country... we had our 4 hour drive to Lake Tekapo yesterday and we couldn' t stop oooohhing and aaawing about this magnifisant nature.... it's brilliant, awesome, fantastic... I think, we both fell for New Zealand... evertiime one turns a corner drving the passes it' s like you are thrown into a different world.... it's sooooo brilliant. We took like millions of pictures which I cannot upload right now, but I will asap... it' s breathtaking..
Lake Teakapo with its turquoise water and the snow covered mt Cook in the back .... WOW.... we had soo much luck since the sun was shining constantly.. and it' s quite hot..
What we also learned here, every mailbox is attached too tons of sheep... seriously, it' s sheep country. They look really cute with there round faces staring at the passing cars... and to top it all  last night we stayed at a sheep station! Don' t you all wonder? Yep, us staying on a sheep
station backpacker. It was really cosy more like a family stay.

We had a blast last night.

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