March 25, 2008

the wait is almost over

WOW, the wait is almost over and it´s finally here ... just 1 more night and we´re heading off to the end to the world, literally. Supposedly, a real amazing and breath taking one. Better be! It´ll take us like 24 hrs flight time via Singapur, Sydney to Christchurch, NZ - just to get there. So, while everyone else is working and catching a good nights sleep, I´m still not there yet. Bags are almost packed, nevertheless I am still amazed I managed to stuff just 16 kg in it ... hello? I thought I´d need to take my whole closet... * you wish* ... tough decision, do I know now, what I am gonna wear the next four weeks? Hardly. ;-) Well, there´s not a lot to talk about right now. People are constantly ringing me up, it ´s just one month, it´s not that I won´t come back ... well, chances are good that I finally landed and actually might not, but we´d see to that way later! If the surfer turns out to be a sheep after all - just kidding - I think NOT!

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