September 27, 2008

dare to read it aloud....

If I knew where poems come from, I´d go there.
                                                                                   - Michael Longley

There are the book persons and the TV persons. I am definitely a book person - always have. As a kid, I  secretly stayed up late at night to read. Whereever I go, I carry my book du jour with me - along with my ipod. Taking the tube every morning is really great for that. But 9 minutes are a bit to short though. Before going to sleep, I always read a bit... sometimes it´s just a few lines - othertimes I have to force myself to put it away. 

Finding the right book though, has always been and probably always will be a real challenge for me. I am not really complicated, but why do the bookstores seem to be full of romance-girly-nonesense books. Seriously, who reads this stuff? Well, I know some of my friends that actually do. But only while staying at the beach or for long flights or train rides! mmmhhh... right! ;-) I can´t  get past the first few pages without feeling either bored to death or thinking "this has to be kidding me?"! 

Once, I actually almost got into an argument when one person I hardly knew, tried to convince me that for leasure reading I should try Marian Kaynes. Right, but I don´t like that ridiculous stuff. She just wouldn´t let go until I was almost like I HATE IT, let it go! Why do they have to ply their taste on everyone?! 

Anyways, what I was trying to say, was that the book search is quite an endless adventure to me. I think I got to the bookstore like ten times before I actually find a book that I really fancy reading. I love bookstores and libraries - everything about them. Shelves full of great stuff. The thicker the book - the better!  Nothing beats a cup of tea and a great book on a rainy sunday afternoon. Years ago, while the Harry Potter hype was really hitting worldwide, I never thought I would ever be interested in this kind of stories. Fantasy - not my cup of tea. So, when I was living in Spain eight years ago, I had to pimp my Spanish and what can be more easier to read and learn than a childrens´ book?! So there there were Harry Potter. Why not try it and see what the fuss is all about. Honestly, I LOVED it ... and the second ...  and the third book as well. Lucky me, I was late in catching the Harry-Potter-ride, so the first four books were already published. And every year in autumn, I was anxiously waiting for the english version to be published. But not with a withc hat or anything the likes - just for the record! :-)

So, having finished my last great book by Jane Austen - yes, every other book has to be a classic - I was on the search again. I prefer to read the original version of the book, so I mostly browse the english section, which is not that huge over here. I have seen Inkheart a lot of times before, it has been a real success over here. The story sounded pretty fascinating to me, but somehow I never bought it. Maybe because it´s another childrens´ book made for adults. And it´s another fantasy story - which I am not really into. Like the famous The Lord of the Rings trilogy never captured me at all... well, I haven´t gotten past the first chapter. I have seen only bits and pieces of the movies, although I have been to the real Middleearth last March and loved that At least the scenery would catch me! ;-)

But Inkheart is different ... once again...  it´s about a story within a story, where the imaginary becomes real. So, two weeks ago, I finally bought it and haven´t stopped since. It´s a really great plot. Now I am into the second book of it - yes, another trilogy! 

I might be into fantasy stories after all! Will the trilogy of  The Lord of the Rings be the next? .... one day ... maybe.

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