September 14, 2008

the next Jamie Oliver

Who would have guessed that I will acutally come to cook on a daily basis and somehow like it? I have never been one of those who enjoy cooking. Well, I am not the one to talk to about what to add there and how to prepare this and that. Easy stuff and fast please, that was my credo. Lucky me that I basically lived on salad and pasta! :-) Thank God for working innercity, so there is always some fresh take out salads and Chinese food to catch. 

Back in New Zealand when we decided to prepare some real German food for the Kiwis, I was lost half the way. How am I supposed to know how to cook "Rouladen" in the first place? Anke then saved me, since she knew how to and lead the way. It wasn´t that bad in the end. But I am no fan of those long time wasting cooking ceremonies with a thousand ingredients. 

Now after totally changing my nutrition - in gerneral no-carb diet. I basically have to cook fresh almost every day. First, I was really not so sure how I am going to fit that into my schedule. I go to the gym almost everyday and not returning home until 10pm, there is not a chance to go to the grocery store anymore... they are all closed by then. Somehow I managed though to get some frozen fish in advance and it really is no big deal. The food is delicious and the cooking or prepare takes only minutes. Now I am the next princess of the kitchen!

Seriously, now I am taking my lunch to work every day! My colleagues are still in awe and now 
I have volunteered to bake something for tomorrows birthday celebreations of one of my colleagues. Me, the one who burnt those brownies a few years ago. They indeed looked more like burnt earth than something to eat! :-/ Let´s see how that goes. 

The desert looks great though - strawberry oat cake. 

So, the strawberry oats cake was ... DELICIOUS...It´s really easy and ready in a few minutes excluding the baking! After writing my last entry a few days ago, I received an email from a good friend who currently also is living the "David Kirsch Diet" -plan. Since we live on each end of Germany, we used to update each other on our lives... that´s how it used to be until... now... we are now not only talking about who dates whom and what´s going on at work, we are indeed giving tipps on recipies... ahhh HELLLOOO? It´s that bad already? Are we getting boring?

No way.

It´s not like it´s a battle now who looses more weight or who is longer at the gym... that´s not it. Luckily. It´s rather what kind of food we like best and what so ever... boring... really. What will be next? I fear knitting. Oh no, but it´s like all I do right now... work, gym and cooking.... poor me... it´s my own choice though. The last years have been too much partying and drinking, so detox is the word of the months! And seriously it works. But enough of it already. Oh and by the way, no one will see me knitting... I have like no talent for this - seriously. My best friend started knitting when she was in Ireland... really busy over there I dare say... those socks are awesome... but rather wearing them ... not actually making them.

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