September 11, 2008

dream catcher

I have no clue what is going on with me, but since three weeks, I have the strangest dreams ever. They seem so real and the most scary thing to me is, they are mostly about work. mmhhh. What does that tell me? Sometimes, after you wake up - or mostly are thrown out of the bubble by your alarm - it´s weird how you can still remember the whole thing, like a movie or like a real memory. And on other days, it´s just blurry, but you know that something "real" was going on.

I recently dreamed about having to do fake ads at night, with the most ridiculous outcome, I flew to NYC with colleagues and got lost in Manhatten. But tonight was the absolute strangest thing in a long time. I actually was on the run - and seriously on the run - from someone, but I cannot remember what or who it was. It was more out of a Lara Craft comuter game, like swimming through rivers (which resembled more the river in Christchurch, NZ if you ask me), hitch hiking, hiding in places and so on. The weird thing is, that when I got woken up from my alalrm at 7 am, I didn´t know where I was in the first place. Secondly I felt like I really ran the whole night, my whole body was aching. Like if I had been to the gym too much, which I wasn´t since two days for a change. Then I remembered the whole dream again and I coudn´t help but laugh out loud. Am I going mad or what? ;-)

As strong as I believe in spiritual things, like tarot, birth horoscope and stuff... I never ever looked up the meaning of dreams... maybe a bit to freaky!?! It´s said that dreams are a way of getting over with sth. that happened to you in your real life. But maybe it´s also a glimpse of sth. you have never been aware of that hides deep down in you! mmmhhhh. What also strikes me as pretty strange is, that e.g. one of my friends never dreams of herself in her dreams, she always sees the "action" through her eyes. I can see myself moving like a third person - sometimes. Also, one of my married friends never ever dreamt of her husband. Never. She was a bit scared at first, because being her other half, he obviously plays a huge role in her life, so one might thinkg he also sneaks into her dream world. Well, he hasn´t yet. We figured, that maybe because he is just the "stone" of her life, always reliable and always there, she had nothing to fear, so there´s nothing to dream about, because it´s just perfect in real life. Ah, we should do more counseling! ;-)

Anyways, this morning my colleague was telling me that she dreamt of sth. out of "Independence day", the movie. It suddendly got dark and a big ufo covered the horizont! Wow, that´s something, I´d say.

Well, we all have been really adventurous last night.... let´s wait and see what we´ll have to talk about tomorrow at work. Where can you get those dream catcher´s again? :-)

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