March 30, 2010

the drunken admiral and the castle

Before heading to Hobart for the weekend, we detoured to Mt Field Natl. Park and walked through the tall trees in its rainforrest. Quite tall those trees. That eve we met up with the two guys for dinner at the drunken admiral in the harbor. The interior of the pub was designed like a ship, which gave it a really cool and cosy atmosphere. The seafood we had was delicious. Haven‘ t had that in a long time. Good times Hobart.

Sunday we chilled and since it was a bit rainy... Sunday session at a cool little winebar at Salamanca Place with yummy Indian dinner! After that we headed to a local pub with some live music. But hey, it‘s Hobart, so after dark on a Sunday not much is going on at all.... the pub was pretty crowded and yeah, could as well have been in some rural town in the outback... felt like it! I was expecting a jackaroo walking in the door anytime... Nevertheless it was a fun night out. :-)

On Monday we picked up our second campervan to relocate back to Melbourne. This time it was a four berth van... not a s big as the last one and we think, a lot cosier. Cruising up the east coast again to our next destination ... St. Helen‘s and the Bay of Fires. St Helen‘s is Tassie‘s fishertown and yep, fish‘n chips was beautiful. We also got some freshly caught prawns for our dinner that night.

After our new mates praised the Aussie movie The castle as a must see to get into the true Aussie slang and culture all night, Luke gave us the DVD to watch in our camper. So, yeah we watched it and yeah, it‘s funny and entertaining, even for us foreigners having just gotten glimpes of Aussie life. Basically it‘s a paraody of Aussie small town life in the early 90ies. The serenity, mate!!!

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