March 27, 2010

presenting one of Australia's most fab beach - ever

The next day we had to drop off our campervan in Hobart. Since we were a little slow in the early morning hours and we still had to rent a car, since our stay got extende, which turned out to be quite difficult as it was either too expensive or they didn‘t have one, so after everything was settled, we basically raced accross the state down to Hobart. Our deadline was 3 pm and we drove on the car park at 2:50pm... Yay. Thanks to the locals who told us about the quickest and fastest way to Hobart and cheers to a speedlimit of 110k‘s! ;-)

An hour later we were on our way up the east coast to Coles Bay ... in a rather small car. Overnight stop in Triabanna, where we shared our room with a nice guy from Italy who we talked to until late that night. Triabanna had mice pest, so we were pretty carefull when opening any drawers or when putting on our shoes the next day. The next day we reached Coles Bay and after a lovely day at the isolated beaches in the Freycinet Natl. Park we checked in the only accomodation there was... and it was a YHA attached to the caravan park ... I reckon they haven‘t changed a thing in that place since the 70ies. Not a homely place but not that bad either. Check it out here.

Packed with a lunch boxes and our bathers we started the hike up to Wineglass Bay Lookout the next morning. The view from the look out high up in the mountain was amazing - turquoise sea and white sandy beach down in the Wineglass Bay. Beautiful. How did Wineglass Bay got its name is a mystery... maybe because it looks like one. We hiked down to the beach and strolled the hour long walk to its end. Stunning colors. What a day! We then continued the three hour return hike to the car pakr via Hazards Beach. We were basically by ourselves walking the whole way. At Hazards Beach we paused for a quick swim in the icy cold sea. Took some courage, to be honest, but that was refreshing! While we sat on the beach chatting we were disturbed by a familiar sounding ring tone.... Hey, who would have guessed that I would have have reception in one of the most isolated places at all?! Ellen just wanted to see how we were going. :-) The hike seemed to last forever, like chewing gum, but finally we reached the car park and off we were to rice and vedgies! Treat.

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