March 06, 2010

the grape escape

After arriving in Adelaide the day before yesterday we went on a small wine tasting tour to the Barossa Valley.

The first winery was very small and since the day was really beautiful they set us up outside the cellar door in their nice yard under the gumtrees. Quite idyllic site for wine tasting right? The winery owner explained the process of wine making to us and we went on to taste some of their fine wines. Delicious food and excellent wine.

Throughout the whole day we went to three more wineries and tasted some really good wines accompanied by some yummy local nibbles. I always thought that I was more a Shiraz fan, but come to think of ... well... tasted some... I think I might favor more the Merlot. :-) One of the highlight definitely was tasting the Chocolate infused Port.... having already tried that last October from some English lads, expectations were pretty high... and it was beautiful.

After having tasted wine throughout the whole day you cold say that we were pretty tipsy in the end. LOL. Coming back to Adelaide we hit the night life and checked out some really nice acts at the on going Fringe Festival.

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