March 20, 2010

Spirit of Tasmania

Having started out on the Westcoast of Australia, touring all the way straight through the middle and all the way down the east coast... What‘ s been missing? Tasmania. Being said to be the little sister of New Zealand, I was keen on experiencing it for myself. So, a trip under down under was next.

Taking the ferry overnight from Port Melbourne to Devonport, we arrived in sunny Tassie at the break of dawn and continued our journey southbound to the Cradle Mountain and St Claire Nationalpark. A 2 hours curvy drive later we parked our home on wheels in the carpark and got ready for some hiking. Blue skies and sunshine... What a day! I think, we already like Tassie. We chose to hike the Dove Lake Circuit, which took us 2 hrs around the lake framed by stunning scenery and Cradle Mountain. Beautiful! Looks like little NZ I have to admit.

At night we camped in the national park. How chilly that was. Bbrrr. And there we were wondering why all the other happy campers were wearing hats and fleece early in the evening. Lesson learned again. And it‘s chilly at night in Tassie.

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