April 11, 2008

black water rafting

Toady was our adventure day!

We went down to the Waitomo glow worm caves and had a blast. We did this combo
which lets you do all the cool things in one go! We were a group of five and the
guide, Daz a typical Kiwi guy, and three guys from the UK. Fun group. First we had to
change into a wetsuit, awful pants, harnets and gum boots! That was a shocking
outfit! I just ignored the fact that I was working for the fashion industry, god looked we
stupid!! :-) After some "dry training" on ropes how to use the rope and safety
instructions we went to the cave entrance. It went straight down ... like 30m and we
had to abseil it ... by ourselves! Standing on the edge of the ramp, I was like ...
alright, I am leaving. But it' s easier than it looks like. You slide down in a breeze.
From then we did some exploring of the caves, black water rafting and rock climbing.
It was amazing. The glow worms are awesome. The glow brightly. I didn' t know that
they were dying out, they only exist in Southern Oz and NZ these days... so even
more enjoyable to see them. It looked like a night sky full of little stars! After watching
the glow worms we climbed some rocks... steep ones and climbed through tiny holes.
It was really fun.

In the end we had to climb up the 30m we came down. It was really steep. But we all
made it. Daz shot some really cool pictures of all of us during the tour, but ... cannot
upload them right now... later on! Unfortunately my digital camera decided to quit on
me and broke down. There is nothing to repair anymore, which makes me really
mad, why now?! I hate it!

Right now, we are on our way to Auckland. We stopped at Raglan, this amazing
surfer beach and laid down on the beach for some hours before continuing on the
two hour drive to Auckland, one of our final destinations.

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