April 14, 2008

It never rains in Kiwiland

Finally we have made our way into Auckland... it was
really pretty easy to find the place where we are
staying at right now. We just drove on in... without a
map anything... thank god for my photographic
memory! :-)

For the weekend we had gone up to the Bay of Islands... beautiful beautiful... when
it's sunny outside. We thought about hanging out on the beaches and do some
snorkeling with the dolphins up there Well, no
chance! Since we left Auckland on Saturday morning
it poured down rain, the sun wouldn' t even come out
at all! How frustrating! We were sitting there in Paihia
and of course, there was nothing happening ...
nothing, zero, nada! At night, the whole place was
just empty! Oh well, so we sat there in this nice bar
while it poured down rain with gusty winds!
The night was also pretty interesting, since our room joined the kitchen and those
three English girls were chatting at the top of their lungs.... really world changing
stuff, I might say.
Yeah!! So, of course, no dolphin swimming today, since the sea was so rough, they
wouldn' t let you into the water. And just dolphin viewing.... well, no thanks, I have
seen enough dolphins already. But never swam with them! :-( Fortunately this has
been the first two days with typical NZ weather!

Today in the morning we drove up to the memorial of the
Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace ship which was shot at in
the harbor of Auckland. What a o\picturesque bay it was...
would have been even better if it was not that stormy outside
and a bit of light would have been a treat. There is not much
to do up there, when it's raining, everything happens on the
sea! So, we drove back to Auckland.

Right now we are in a big internet cafe which looking around might as well be in the
middle of Tokyo ... only Asian people around... pretty interesting...

We have finally crossed the 4000 km margin with our car today...wow!

Two days to go!! How sad is that!

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