April 15, 2008

Jamie vs. Gordon

Yesterday was not that good, weatherwise. It poured down rain, all
day long. So no Sky Jump for me! Seriously I wanted to do it! We
walked around the city all day! But it' s not taht of an interesting
place to do a lot... the beaches and islands around Auckland would
be awesome, if the sun would shine! Our last days in NZ are spent
with typical Kiwi weather. :-(

Oh well, last night we cooked a German meal for the Kiwis. Oh, you
all stop laughing...! Everyone is still alive and no, I won' t cook when
I am back! Sorry! ;-)

We thought it's just gonna be just us staying at the house, but Elaine invited her son
and his wife over as well, plus the Japanese student was still spending the night, so it
was 7 people in total. Oh oh! We decided on making Rolladen with potato mash....
yummy... never made that one and not for 7 people!! After we stormed through the
NZ supermarket in the search of all the ingredients, thanks to the Dr Oetker' s english
version of a German cookbook that was at the house already - we rushed to the
house to find everyone already sitting at the table waiting for us. So, this time we
were the next Jamie Olivers cooking show! :-) Nothing burnt down... and seriously it
really tasted good. They even wanted seconds. :-) For desert we made vanilla ice
cream with hot boysenberries... yummy! The chocolate cake we had for the
Japanese girl' s birthday was rather interesting! We also sang a happy birthday to

Tonite we' ll get some real Kiwi food.

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