April 06, 2008

seals up close and personal

Today has been really awesome... again...we wanted to kayak today in the Abel Tasman Ntl. Park, but as we got up in the morning it poured down rain. So, we decided to go to the most northern point of the South Island... the Farewell Spit. After driving up and down the most curvy road I have been on ... let me tell you, motion sickness sucks!! We drove into the clouds, they were hanging pretty low toady and then it was the most beautiful day, blue skies and sunny. So we went to this little town which is the last town on the South Island, it actually had the feeling to it... nobody there! The guy at the hostel told us this morning, that there was the most beautiful beach up there, he has seen, so we went there. The beach is called Waraiki Beach! 

After driving on unsealed road for half an hour, we came to this car park and had to continue on foot to the beach. We had to climb over a little fence and tramped on a trail across a sheep farmland. The didn' t bother at all, kept on munching grass. Then another fence climb and we walked across land where bulls were standing on...it could also have been in the Alps, it looked like it. Lush green fields and rainforest... then up a steep hill and puuufff there it was ... the most brilliant beach I have ever been on. Big impact! The sand dunes were high, there were rocks in the ocean and the beach was.... well, endless sand!! Stunning! After regaining our breath again we strolled over to the rocks, where a seal colony was supposed to be. 

We checked out the rocks and yeah, there were some there. Cute!

Then out of the blue, well, out of the ocean came a seal.... like 5 meters next to us, crossed the little beach to this little pond thingy and jumped in there. We were like ... aaahhhh what is that? Then as we walked up to the little pond... there were five seals in there.... we were THRILLED... that was sooo cool. We stood there and they started their show... seriously they started to play. Jumping in the water, splashing, goofing around like crazy... that was like in Sea World, except it was NATURE and we were 1m next to it.... AWESOME!!! That made our day... :-) we almost floated back to the car! Everyone who crossed our path we were telling them to go to the little pond... :-) 

After this excitement we drove back to that little cafe overlooking the Farewell Spit, the Craddle Kitchen. Neat little hut... real stunning view out on the ocean. Great day...

Oh, and as we came back to the hostel, the door to our room which was right next to the reception was wide open. Obviously there had been a fire alarm caused in our room and the whole hostel had to evacuate.... and we haven' t been there!! Damn! Why that happened? They didn' t know... lets hope for a quiet night!!

Do I need to worry that the Cashier at the local drug store was asking for my ID when I bought the bottle of wine this evening?!! Everyone who looks younger than 25 yrs of age need to show ID!!! Aahhh..... that hasn' t happened to me since ... what, I was 16!!! Well, except the US...!! Weird... Should I be flattered then? :-)

Tomorrow we are then of to Kayak in Abel Tasman ... finally... we are quite excited...

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