April 18, 2008

Sydney @ its best

Oh , we love Sydney!!

This morning it poured down rain like crazy! we were pretty pissed, not a repetition of
Auckland, please not! Anyways you can also do a lot of stuff in Syndey while its bad
weather so we hit the streets and walked all the way up to the CBD to get some
brekky on the way. After we went to the Queen Victoria Building to check out my
favorite store, Witchery, it finally cleared, thank god! We went down to The Rocks
and did the Phylon look out climb, to see the city by daylight this time. Awesome
view. It still feels really unreal to actually stand in front of the harbor bridge and the
Opera House now.

The rest of the afternoon we spent at the Botanic Gardens. There we discovered that
one shouldn' t be surprised or even scared if the eels that are in that little pond there
eat the ducks!! aaahh, yeah... glad we didn' t know that when we were in the
Waitomo Caves wading through waist deep water with eels in it. Maybe just the Oz-
eels eat meat!! ;-)

After we almost got lost in a huge underground mall, somehow all of the innercity
malls are connected, we went down to Darling Harbour to have some "after work"

Now we are gonna hit some bars here in Newtown! :-)

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