April 20, 2008

cheers mates!

It hasn' t really stopped raining the whole day of yesterday... what a drag! We went
to Sydney Wildlife to see some Koalas, Kangaroos and all those "cute" spiders and
reptiles there are in Oz! The most venomos spider in the world lives in Sydney...
hhhmmm, revise my decision....!?! The Koalas were really cute! Cuddling up to sleep
all day long! The afternoon we spent shopping, you could shop till you drop here...
seriously... unfortunately the season are revised here, so we can' t really do anything
with all those awesome autumn stuff back home.... damn! :-( The summer stuff that is
on sale .. is as usual only available in the big sizes! Oh well!

At night we met up with some Aussies and joined them at their after work drinks...
that was fun. Met a lot of people. We went to some other bar with some other people
we just met there at the pub. They were saying the bar we are going to is really
trashy and not that hot... so I was thinking some place like in the Schanze or Kiez...
but surprise the place was really cool! Not at all soo trashy. There we met other guys
from Sydney... it is sooo easy to met people here. All of them were doing after work
and the best thing is, all drinks until 11pm - it was like 9 pm back then - is on the
company... yep, they were all wasted! ;-) So, we chatted with this group of people,
and they looked like Advertising guys, but turned out to be lawyers... ok. We got
teased because we went to Kiwiland... why in the world NZ!! Well, it was quite fun, all
drinks were free for us as well, so we joined the office party there. Australian beer
isn' t all that bad, eh! ;-)

Today we spent a bit hung over at Bondi Beach.
The sun decided to shine for us on our last day down
under, so we headed to the beach! Did some coastal
walking and chilling in the sun! Nice day! Compared to
Australia now, NZ really has this end of the world feeling to
it. Auckland is compared to Sydney a village! :-)

So, tomorrow we will unfortunately fly back home... looong
way to go again. We are really sad to leave... it hss been a
rally awesome trip, time flew by like crazy. We haven' t
really gotten the chance to really realize where we have
been and what we have seen in NZ. Sooo much to see
and do in soo less time. I will be back though soon!

After 4000 km on the road and 20 days at the end of the world, our trip comes to an
end... it' s a wrap!
Thanks for keeping up with us and I will see some of you in a few days! :-)

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