April 16, 2008

good day Australia!

Good day from Australia!! :-)

Catching up on some free internet access while waiting for the rain to stop. yeah,
right, Sydney and rain ... again... it was really sunny in Auckland this morning. Great!
We were up at like 4>30 am since we had to catch the flight at 8:50am, return the car
and since it was an international flight, be there three hours in advance! Hurray!

Arriving in Sydney was somehow like coming home... :-) We caught a shuttle - since
it was the cheapest way to get into the city - and the Indian driver dropped us of in
Newtown saying that the hostel we are staying in is across the street... well, it turned
out it wasn' t and we had to walk 4km to reach this freaking place! Aaarghh!
The hostel is really great - thanks Maria for the recommendation - we are not staying
in the main building but next door, so it' s more like a shared house, typical Sydney
style! The room is pretty neat as well.

Now I am gonna show Anke around the city. Am leaving asap since in this TV room,
where the PCs are, there are like 20 backpackers lying around watching TV... you
just want to scream at them! Don' t they have anything to do at all!!!??!!!

Oh it has been wonderful, as always! We walked all the way down to the Opera
House so we could still see it at twilight. It was awesome. So surreal though. There
we also watched a spontaneous performance of some artists which was really good.
Sitting there on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.... way awesome!! :-)

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