April 08, 2008

farewell to South Island

Here we are in Picton, our last stop on the South Island. Tomorrow we'll catch the ferry to Wellington and off we are to the North Island. The ferry ride is supposed to be amazing, the ferry takes you out through a bit of Malborough Sounds and out via the Cook Strait into Wellington. I am honestly a bit scared of the ferry ride, because everyone I talked to was seasick, it gets crazy out there. But according to the friendly guy at the check in desk, we are on the newest and fastest boat, and tomorrow should be a fine day. Well, lets wait and see, if I need to pop in some pills and walk around like a zombie for the rest of tomorrow. 

Tonight we are in Picton at this neat little backpackers. We already stayed at the "sister" hostel in Nelson and it was really cool there. They have this thing, that they serve chocolate pudding with ice cream every night at 8pm. That is a really really nice treat. We first thought, ahh ok, nice, but then at 8pm the guy from the office yells through the hostel ... "chocolate pudding for everyone please" and everybody jumps up and starts for the kitchen. Seriously that is not a pudding they serve here... it' s even better, it' s more like fudge with vanilla ice cream!... and it's delicious... ! So, yeah today we already had the fudge... thank god we are leaving tomorrow, we wouldn' t be recognised if we' d continued eating it. ;-)

Oh, another thing: we think that NZ is the new Mallorca for the Germans... it is crazy, everywhere you go there are 90% Germans around and not the young backpackers, no way, older ones (60 and up as well) and they are everywhere. It' s like when Kiwis ask you where you come from and you say it, they go like, ah of course! It' s pretty annoying we think, that Germans are everywhere. We have to watch our mouths really carefully, when we see strange people passing...they might understand us! ;-) A lot of the German backpackers we met, they stay here for a year or longer, work and travel... well, more travel than work... most of them quit there job and most of them were "fired" by their bosses, so now we know, how on earth everyone seems to be able to afford a leisure life like this for more than a few months... !!  aha! One girl was telling us that she was fired by her boss and now she is able to do this, and we were like "oh so we are paying for your journey to NZ or what... very interesting!" well, she was not amused! ;-) 

But there are also a lot of other people from around the world hangin out at the backpackers, in Nelson we had a pretty good time with people from the US, CA, UK and SE.... but compared to their stories and what they already have seen, our 4 week trip seems like nothing. It' s definitely not enough time... but one thing is for sure... I will be back!

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