April 07, 2008

stop and stare

Woo hoo! We finally made it, we went kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park. And seriously... we were sooo good! Yep! Unfortunately our group, consisting of 6 people plus guide, was not one of the fastest, due to two Asian girls who had no clue what they were doing at all and zig zag kayaking around the bay like crazy. We would have rocked this thing, we went soo fast, but untrained or unfit as those girls were, we all had to wait up and stop one bay earlier because they almost fell out of their kayak they were so tired. Anyways we had a great time. The weather wasn' t that great, but it didn' t rain luckily. Was a bit cloudy, but perfectly fine for a tour on the water. We were paddeling for almost three hours on turquoise waters, the Tasman Sea, and rainforest coastlines, yellow sandy beaches. Picture Perfect! We had a break at the beach with our lunch and we also got hot chocolate... Yummy... with milk foam! our guide was running into the little store while we were on our way to the beach to start the tour and she bought milk, I was joking, saying ha ha ha, maybe we get a latte later. Well, indeed we did, but we all prefered hot chocolate! 

And from the little beach, we walked back to our car, instead of taking the water taxi. It took us two and a half hours, which was quite ok, since we never lost the view of the beautiful coastline. We are still wandering if the Asian girls ever made it to the car park, they left after us, but it took them with their poor fitness level, probably forever. But in the end it got a bit tiring, we were lacking of caffeine... that's another thing in NZ, the coffee, well, the latte (here they call it trim latte not skinny latte) is superb...everywhere! Just a little side note! :-) It was a great day!

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