April 02, 2008


After spending the morning in Milford Sound, we drove all the way back to Queenstown to spend the night and continue towards the west coast. 
The weather is still amazing... sunshine and blue skies.... yeah! It got really chilly that night. The hostel we stayed in was really neat... we had our own little hut... sweet.
Queenstown is a typical resort town, skiing in winter and hiking in summertime. Since it is midseason here, not a lot of people are saying there, so not much happening. Queenstown is however the center of party all night and adrenaline kicks... you can choose between bungy - it actually the place where bungy was invented - helibungy, jet boating, river surfing, skydiving, sky swing, shotover bungy and what else you can possible imagine. We watched some bungy jumps, they all chose to get dipped into the water .... brrr, it was freezing. Actually we wanted to do white water rafting, but we thought it too cold, we are gonna do that up north.. And NO we didn' t chicken out!! ;-)

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