April 05, 2008

Let me introduce you to Franz Josef and Fox

... the most amazing natural phenomenas I have seen so far... we were driving like for two hours through the thickest rainforest... lush green palm trees and breeches... the air si quite humid ad it' s hot outside... then you turn the corner and puuufff there is one glacier in front of you! In the rainforest... that' s like out of this world! It' s unqiue in the whole world that glaciers are right next to rain forests. 

The Maori Legend says that the glacier Franz Josef is the tears of a Maori girl who lost her love in some war.... tears that have gone to ice... isn' t that sweet. 

We unfortunately missed the glacier tours, where you can actually walk on the glacier, so we went back to the thermal face just to look at it. Awesome. Fox Glacier is right next to the Franz Josef glacier, which was named after some Austrian Guy, was it the Kaiser maybe! The Franz, as we called him, was even more impressive, because you walk back there through the rainforest and through the almost dried out river bed back almost to the thermal face. So we did some hiking back there and starred at the glacier for some time. Beautifull. Unfortunately we missed the tours
we' d loved to go back up there. The helicopter rides were too expensive as well. But we' ve been there. 

Still slow internet access.... aaaawwwww I am soo counting on Wellington...

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