April 08, 2008

New Zealand continued

We'v e made it..... to the North Island.

The ferry ride was actually not that bad. It was clearing when we left Picton this
afternoon. How exciting to go on the ferry with the car. It was huge, which movie
theater and everything on it. The trip was quite stormy though. Well, ipod on shuffle
mode and no worries! I stayed on the sun deck all the time, sitting down on the floor it
wasn' t that windy and the sun was quite strong! Standing up, you' d got blown away!
Luckily we didn' t get seasick! Yeah!

From Picton the ferry takes you along the Malborough Sounds. Really picturesque!
Reminds of the Fiorlands. We had sun, so it looked amazing with the dark turquoise
ocean and the lush green rainforest! Brilliant!

Wellington is called the windy city! Well, truth is, it' s even worse than Hamburg. And
it drizzled this evening, so not much to see. Someone also switches out the sunlight
at like seven and it gets dark from one second to the other! So, we' ll be off to do
some sightseeing tomorrow and then off up North towards the volcanos, Thermal
pools, Geysers, Maori villages, beaches, dolphin encounter, white or black water
rafting and more. Currently we are thinking about doing the big jump over Lake
Taupo. Skydiving is on the agenda... m a y b e!! :-)

New Zealand part 2 is about to begin ...

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