April 24, 2008

the spirit of australia

ur Kiwi experience is over... what a blast it had been. I haven´t really realized what actually happened the last months. It just flew by at the speed of sound. Looking at the pictures it seem pretty surreal.

Now I am back in Hamburg and it´s soo akward. nothing has changed. That´s like the hardest part of returning home after being away for a while... their life just seems to have stopped while yours didn´t.

So after having traveled to the end of the world for a slight chance of maybe finding out what to do with my life... I think I might have come to a solution, which will cause me some sleepless night. Nevertheless I guess that´s what I will do in the next year. Since I have always wanted to stay in Sydney for a longer period of time, the only "easy" way is to get a working holiday visa. But this is just possible until the age of 30... which would give me almost two years time! :-) That´s at least a start, something to look forward to. Now the info hunting has begun.

The spirit of Australia has capurted me at first sight! Sydney 2009 here I come!

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